Sabado, Enero 15, 2011

Anthrax's "Antisocial"

by Zernain Villain after socializing with drunken relativez, fucked-up family friendz, and in-lawz by day/outlawz by nite during the holidaze

You're a train ride to no importance
You're in love with hell existence
Money is all that you desire
Why don't you pack it in and retire?

It's common nature you can't fool me
I'm just the money that you can't let free
Rainy-day genius clouds your mind
Don't you realize the blind leads the blind

You're anti, you're antisocial (4x)

Oh Mister Time, will you ever unwind?
Or just rebuild a new design
Your claim to fame is law and order
The rich get richer, the poor get poorer

You put a price tag on what you see
This one's for you, that's for me
If that's winning, I'd rather lose
Why don't you listen to my senseless views?

You're anti, you're antisocial (4x)

How do you feel?

Antisocial (12x)

(originally by French band Trust)

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