Linggo, Abril 17, 2011

This Is Not A Punk Show

What: "This Is Not A Punk Show (Art Exhibit Opening)"
When: Saturday, Mar. 26 at 5:00pm
Who: Legarda, Kaktus Karuka, Bystorm, Execution Of Terror, Omerta, Bad Omen
Where: Kalye Art Gallery, 1220 Estrada st., Singalong, Taft Ave.
How much: FREE

Photos by Keith Dador

What: "HC Punk Culture Film Showing (The Edge, Inside Outside Street Art)"
When: Sunday, Apr. 3 at 4:00pm
Who: Dispute, Blanix, Theax, Tame The Tikbalang, The Beauty of Doubt, Republika De Lata, ADA

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