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Voltes V ST Chogokin: Heeere's junior!

(See previous post for disclaimer here.--Peter Punker/ Spider-punk)

Now that you've read about the big Voltes V DX, let's check out its kid brother--the Voltes V ST. As with most deluxe diecast super robots of the time, a smaller and simpler Chogokin ST (standard) version was also made by Popy-Japan for its Godaikin and Popinika toy lines. Dubbed the GA-80 and released in the same year (1977), the ST is a 6-inch plus scaled-down replica of the towering DX and weighs more than 1/4 kg.

Compared to the DX, the ST figure has less detail and minimal transformation ability. Though it can form the Voltank, the ST is stuck in robot mode and cannot volt out into five separate vehicles like the DX. The main feature of the ST's Voltank mode--which is not found in the DX--is its ability to fire the Volt Crewzer head part like a large missile by pushing a button. Incidentally, the Voltank mode is a Popy toy creation and can't be seen in the original Voltes V TV anime by Toei.

While the ST kept the spring-loaded arms, they don't bend at the elbow joints as in the DX--with the forearms and hands in one piece. As one might expect, transforming the ST from Voltank to robot mode is a simple process, largely involving turning the feet and treads around. In spite of the surface details being basically cosmetic, it can't be denied that the ST looks solid as the DX in robot mode--with leg articulation more impressive than the DX, thanks to Popy's "walking" knee joints.

Included accessories with the Voltes V ST are two red "M"-shaped sword hilts (one extra and one on the chest), two chrome blades that go into the hilt (like in the DX Volt-In Box), and four blue firing fists. While the ST pales in comparison with the larger DX, it does display nicely in its own right--Japanese craftsmanship and quality overcoming a few potential snags. And as Popy vintage toys from the late 70s go, this Voltes V incarnation can also be a bit expensive--with selling price starting at P10,000 ($200).

Again, thanks to JoshB of CollectionDX for the photos with white background.

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  1. Great stuff from you, man. I’ve read your stuff prior to and you’re just too awesome. I love what you’ve got here, love what you’re saying as well as the way you say it. You make it entertaining and you still manage to maintain it smart. I can’t wait to read a lot more from you. This is actually a great blog. I just ordered these consoles at PIJ! I’m excited! I’m going to have these in week!

  2. that's right voltes V, i will also purchase this at PIJ!. Where i use to have my getter robot Chogokin collection. One can tell even without reading the context the big ones has least power to the smaller one. Another thing is that, spider man here is cute.

  3. voltes v is f-ucking GAY.
    guys volting-in one another, just pathetic.

  4. that's your POV. but who cares, live and let live dude!


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