Linggo, Hunyo 12, 2011

Brand New Cherry Mobile Q7 Review

Price: not worth it (sayang lang ang pera mo!)
Features (common to MOST models out-of-the-box): operating system hangs, non-working keys/applications, emergency/no SIM, drained fully charged battery, blinking white screen, dead unit, etc. (kahit techie sasakit ang ulo!)
Signal: very weak to NO signal, dropped/missed calls, text messages unsent/unreceived (ubos na nga load mo, magagalit pa contacts mo!)
Parts/battery: NOT available locally, had to be ordered from China (mamumuti mata mo kakahintay--that is, kung may stock pa!)
Service: useless/busy contact numbers, back jobs, long lines of angry customers, NO money-back guarantee (if it's any consolation: di ka nag-iisa, marami kayong naloko este pabalik-balik pala--yung iba nga nag-undertime/nag-absent pa o galing ng probinsiya!)
Bottom line: DON'T BUY Cherry Mobile! (bulok ang produkto! palpak ang serbisyo!)
Rating: 0/10, shooting star (makakabaril ka ng tao!)

Note: background music (Gang of Four's "Damaged Goods") blocked by YouTube due to copyright issues--fuck big business!

8 komento:

  1. ok naman yong na bili ko na Q7 kaso walang Ñ at ñ anyway...di ko naman gaano gumagamit ng ganyang mga letra....1 yr na ang q7 ko far still working

  2. ^good for you bro/sis Anonymous. let me guess, your unit is one in ten? i had to take mine twice to their service center at Rob-Gale, then to Shaw when they moved there. ~@#$%^&*!

  3. Aaaaww.. Sorry to hear that. Is it in million pieces now? :-p

    Anyway, I've bought sucky gadgets that I could do without. One ended up at the bottom of my fish pond, one took a dive from my balcony, and the other one tried the durability of my concrete wall ---- yeah, I'm psycho like that.

    Try not to think about it too much na lang. Better yet, sell it. :D

  4. LOL. nope, i'm using it as backup. hiya la liza? i see you're looking great as ever. stay beautiful hehehe ;)

  5. I'm pissed off with CM re my Orbit so I created this FB page:


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