Sabado, Agosto 27, 2011

Transportmers: Dark of the Moon Craters at BGC*

This is the roller-coaster ride poor jeepney drivers and working-class commuters have to put up with every single day in this hidden side of Gate 1, *Bonifacio Global City-slash-The Fort. In summer, the place turns into a bleeding desert with the air so thick you can actually see-and choke on-it! During rainy season, the place becomes a bloody mud pit swallowing light vehicles whole! At night it's pitch black. On the left side, you'll notice a high steel fence which divides the haves and the have-nots. For on that other side is a newly built and well-lighted concrete road where only private vehicles are allowed to pass.

(video taken with my lo-tech camphone on the way home, soundtrack by the Juan Dela Cruz Band)

Lunes, Agosto 1, 2011

The Young-Think Trio

They say, two's company but three's a crowd. I say, three's a lot of fun! In religion (be it pagan, Wiccan or Christian), the number three has a long history of mythical associations according to influential psychologist Carl Jung. The "power of three" is often symbolized by a triquetra (three-cornered) -- a Celtic pattern that shows the center of three connected circles, sometimes bound together by a fourth one in the center. Hence the dumb question: If two's company and three's a crowd, then what's four? Anyway, just as two heads are better than one, I've compiled here a short list of three's from popular culture:
  1. the Holy Trinity (God the Father/mind, the Son/body, and the Holy Spirit/soul) and other triple deities

  2. the basic family (father, mother and child -- MY family)

  3. from fairy tales to nursery rhymes to Illustrated Classics: "The Three Little Pigs," "The Three Blind Mice," "The Three Musketeers"

  4. the Hecate (Phoebe or the moon in heaven, Diana on earth, and Persephone in hell), also known as the Triple Goddess* (Maiden, Mother and Crone)

  5. Alfred Hitchcock's film "Vertigo" uses the triple goddess as motif

  6. Vertigo comics featured the Kindly Ones (triple goddess) in Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman" series

  7. Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger

  8. the Triskelion (three bent human legs, popularized locally by the fratboys of Tau Gamma Phi)

  9. but misinterpreted as a swastika by Nazi Germany's Third Reich 'cuz Adolf Hitler can't count!

  10. a triquetra is one of the four symbols on Led Zeppelin's fourth album "IV"

  11. a triquetra is also seen on the hammer "Mjolnir" in the recent Thor movie

  12. the Three Stooges (Moe, Larry and Curly) and their local counterparts Tito, Vic and Joey plus the Tatlong Itlog

  13. legends of Pinoy rock: Juan Dela Cruz Band's "Himig Natin" album lineup in the 70s (Wally Gonzales, Mike Hanopol and Pepe Smith)

  14. Wuds, Dead Ends (80s three-piece Pinoy punk/hardcore pioneers) and The Youth (90s Pinoy alternative rockers)

  15. Venom's classic black-metal lineup (Cronos, Mantas and Abaddon)

  16. and from grunge to pop punk: Nirvana, Green Day, Blink-182

  17. Getter Robo 1-2-3 (the first mecha/super robot combiner)

  18. the Young-Think Trio (Lego Minifigure Punk Rocker, Tech Deck Dude Syd, and Guitar Hero Johnny Napalm)

*their masculine counterpart being the Horned God, a good subject for another post

Articulated Comic Book Art (A.C.B.A.)

Magandang araw! Good day! I'm pleased that you took the time to visit my spot again. I'm very happy to have started this new segment which is about the three things that I really like: toys, cartoons and comic books. As the title implies, A.C.B.A. is dedicated to the kid in all of us. Growing up poor in a Third World country, I only had a few toys and comics back then, aside from stuff that I crudely made out of product cartons/styrofoam and roughly drew on the back of used paper. Nonetheless, I was blessed in having a family (thanks to my loving tatay/pop, nanay/mom and utol/kid bro) that supported and understood the abnoy/mental retardate in me. I had the luck of completing my education (despite spending an eternity in college and grad school) and landing a job (that barely pays the bills, thanks to my loving wife and son). And most of the time have food on the table three times a day and still have some money left to pursue a hobby without going broke (now this is a big joke!). But then I realized that not all of my fellow Pinoys have such experiences and are as lucky. Because of this, I took it upon myself to give (a finger) back to society in the very little way I can by making A.C.B.A. I want to share my life-long journey as a punk rocker and toy collector with you. Of course, I will be more than willing to accept your experiences, thoughts and comments on my posts. Aside from your ideas, financial contributions and toy donations will also be very much appreciated. I hope you will continue to visit me, see you again soon at maraming salamat! Thanks!


young-think - (noun) 1. a so-called grown-up who doesn't act his age (see the Descendents'/Ramones' song, "I Don't Wanna Grow Up"); 2. who is into forms of entertainment that are usually associated with children like toys, cartoons, comic books, and video games; 3. dresses more like a teenager than an adult; 4. may not be a great parent, but doesn't forget to pay the bills; 5. sa Tagalog, "batang-isip".

synonyms: kidult, adultescent, young-at-heart, Peter Pan, Bondying

sentence: "A young-think has neither past nor future, for he writes in the present tense. He enjoys the here and now, which very few grown-ups do. His childhood may be long over, but that doesn't mean his play time is."

motto: When I grow up I wanna be a little boy.