Sabado, Agosto 27, 2011

Transportmers: Dark of the Moon Craters at BGC*

This is the roller-coaster ride poor jeepney drivers and working-class commuters have to put up with every single day in this hidden side of Gate 1, *Bonifacio Global City-slash-The Fort. In summer, the place turns into a bleeding desert with the air so thick you can actually see-and choke on-it! During rainy season, the place becomes a bloody mud pit swallowing light vehicles whole! At night it's pitch black. On the left side, you'll notice a high steel fence which divides the haves and the have-nots. For on that other side is a newly built and well-lighted concrete road where only private vehicles are allowed to pass.

(video taken with my lo-tech camphone on the way home, soundtrack by the Juan Dela Cruz Band)

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  1. Brod, di pala ako nag iisa... meron din akong uploaded na video sa you tube "kalbaryo sa bonifacio global city" regarding dito sa perwisyo ng mga dumadaan sa lugar na to... sinubukan ko ng ipost to sa facebook account ng abscbn,tv5 and gma pero wla namang nangyayari.. i even tried calling gma but still the same.. and since we are on the same page about this, sana dumami na tyo para naman mabago na yang kalsada na yan or even buksan nila ung bago lumiko para dun na sa bagong kalsada dumaan ung mga jeep...

  2. as of today, i think our pleas have not fallen on deaf ears--well 50% at least cuz we now exit via Total :)


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