Linggo, Oktubre 16, 2011

Motorcycle Diaries #1

This is me homeward bound and semi-stoned out of my senses (thanks to Colt 45, GSM Blue, Empe Light, etc.) at 60-70kph, 2am on a Sunday, somewhere in Baliwag after rocking out at my friend's (Maestro Dante "Parak") 40th birthday bash/concert where the entrance fee is noodles, a kilo of rice, canned goods, or a pack of biscuits for the Bulacan flood victims. Truly, growing old is cool (old school) and I'm not far behind.

(video taken with my lo-tech camphone, soundtrack by the Ramones)

Photo by Dana Vergara

2 komento:

  1. I miss my good old bike. May it RIP (it died when I crashed into a concrete post while drunk-driving.) :-p

    Baliwag, Buacan... home of heavenly pastillas de leche. ^_^

  2. yup, home of pastillas and one of the cradles of pinoy punk. and don't go drunk driving/joyriding again ever, kahit backride/passenger--sayang ka iha ;)


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