Sabado, Pebrero 11, 2012

'Cuz Catholic school boys rock!

Tho I came from a poor family, my parents--who were both government employees--had me take piano lessons in grade school after class. Being a Catholic school boy, my first piano teacher was an old nun who used to slap my fingers with a wooden ruler when they fumbled on the keys. For some strange reason, her hitting my hands with a stick did wonders to my fingers so now they have a mind of their own whenever I play. After sixth grade, I went to a public high school 'cuz it was much cheaper there. Being a certified nerd, I continued my piano lessons under my mother's co-teacher and went to their house every Saturday. Around that time I was also into new wave music and discovering that there was another species called girls. Thus, when my second piano teacher asked her daughter--who was four years my senior, aesthetically pleasing and partial to wearing shorts--to fill in for her, I lost my concentration, sweated bullets and fidgeted uncomfortably on the chair. This went on til junior high when I fell in love with the guitar--'cuz it's got more curves than my third and last piano teacher. In place of classical music, I learned punk rock, heavy metal and campus activism in college. To the detriment of my already embarassing academic standing, I joined a number of garage bands who never got to play gigs, except in friends' birthday parties and a few underground concerts. After spending an eternity in college getting wasted and transferring majors/ schools, I finally got to graduate and got into temp jobs that could barely pay for guitar strings. Aside from being a geek, I'm also a certified asshole who pissed people off, so I finally forsook playing in a band, learned other instruments and dabbled in do-it-yourself/ make-your-own home recording. And then I got married and my preoccupation with playing stuff live to an audience had somehow waned, but that didn't stop me from making independent music in the comforts of my bedroom--with computer sequencer/ mixer in one hand and keyboard synthesizer/ drum machine in the other. Now if I only took voice lessons instead of learning the piano.

Unplugged at The Fort with melodica in hand, second from left

Learning the ropes thru the years

A piano recital back in innocent days

Click here for some of my recent works/the fruits of my boredom

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  1. I'm a Catholic school girl from grade school to college. :)

  2. I attended a Catholic school back in my prep days and during college. Never had an experience in an exclusive school though, 'cause my parents always enrolled me in co-ed schools.. :) Anyway, I love to sing and I know how to play some tunes on the guitar. I used to be in a band too, but we play J-pop and J-rock.. XD Kinda geeky, I know.

  3. hehehe lemme guess,the broom closets (for cleaners)in your schools also contain skeletons, the garden used to be a cemetery,& you're forced torecite the rosary for the whole of october ;)

  4. catholic school boy from kinder to college, yet agnostic. i play the drums albeit poorly.


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