Biyernes, Pebrero 3, 2012

Facebooked: Operative word is PUNK!

"You're not an asshole Mark, you're just trying too hard to be one."

Within a couple of days, Facebook (FB) is rumored to sell stocks (IPO) to the public--that means you, me and the rest of "us" or the not "them" (read: rich kid$, bright kid$, the elite/burgi$). FB has itself valued at around $100B I think. That's almost twice the valuation of computer giant Hewlett-Packard and 1/2 the valuation of refrigerator-maker General Electric. Wow! That's a lot of money. Now here's the catch: What does FB own? If you buy into their IPO what will you own? A printer? A fridge? For all I care, "their" website could literally go under tomorrow (along with your hard-earned money). What did people who invested in Myspace (MS) come away with? And where is MS today? I for one moved from MS (and Friendster) to FB after most of my [garage] musician and [suffering] artist friends moved to it. Just as I moved my yattering from Geocities to Blogspot 'cuz it's no longer the "in" thing. Now, would you pay $1/P42 a month should they start charging your FB account? And how many online ads have you clicked recently on the website? Bought any FB/game credits lately with your Paypal? Unlike Ebay goods (and toys hehehe), FB offers nothing tangible and I don't see any long-term investment. Mark Zuckerberg's inner circle of private investor$ (read: them) has already milked his FB cow and what "they" are looking for now with the IPO are zuckers to buy up the ¢rumbs as it goes downhill from there.

But you got to hand it to Zuckerberg, he created something out of nothing with other people's ideas and money. If you'd recall in Social Network (yup, the FB movie), some of his first funding and intitial concepts at Harvard U came from fellow students. Which brings us to the operative word of three (four on the original) on probably the last remaining tarpaulin poster of the 2010 film, thanks to MRT station Cubao.

PUNK: Although the movie's score was done by industrial rock god Trent Reznor of NIN fame, you'd hear the raw hardcore punk sound of the Dead Kennedys's "California Uber Alles" (a personal slampit fave) in the background of that drinking contest scene with the interns coding. Then there were the jukebox songs by psychobillies The Cramps and garage rockers The White Stripes--during the opening bar scene, but sadly all three aren't included in the "official" soundtrack. That's corporate rock (still sucks) for you! If there's one track that ought to be included, it's got to be the Ramones's "Outsider" 'cuz that's what the film is all about. It's not about how the internet's largest (anti)social-networking site [which killed off most real-life, face-to-face social interaction and privacy] came to be, nor how to become the world's youngest billionaire without investing your own money. It's about being alone and the basic human need for acceptance within a group, be it the exclusive Ivy League Phoenix boys' club or the weekly TGIF/TGIP (TanGina It's Friday/Payday) drinking session. It's about doing-it-yourself (DIY), be it writing code for a website that could potentially connect everyone on the planet or writing your own songs and releasing an indie album without major label support. Now if that isn't punk then I don't know what is. Of course, there's also the question of selling out--when the outsider becomes part of the establishment he despises. And then what? Guess I'll sit this one out til the next big thing.

Oh, and just when you thought that FB was only a website and a movie, it also sells users' personal information to third-party apps, internet-tracking companies, advertisers/ marketers, and the government/ intelligence agencies (read: CIA data mining). Ever wonder why it's free? Ever read FB's ever-changing privacy policy and terms of use recently?

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