Sabado, Hunyo 30, 2012

Wifey's Hong Kong-Macau Holiday

Or one of the reasons why the commander-in-chief allows me to buy pricey toys, attend underground punk concerts, and climb mountains (and do bitches, err beaches on the side) is because there's always a catch. The secret is to remember that marriage is run like a democrazy: there's give and take, live and let live, and one woman, one vote -- oh, and one in which certain citizens (women mostly) hold perpetual office...'til death do you part. As the Ferengi would say, "a wife is a luxury, but a smart accountant a necessity."* Thank God I married one!

Pics & vid clips by my significant other/better half & her amigas


Funny, I marked her HK guide map with X's for the toy stores offering bargains/hard-to-find stuff plus my want list and pics, but for some strange reason only shops selling women's bags, women's clothing, and women's shoes were open during her entire trip. Oh well, there's always Ebay and GH**.

*Star Trek Rules of Acquisition #255

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