Lunes, Agosto 6, 2012

8Q with Biofeedback's Reypeace Bravo

Reypeace Bravo (San Pedro, Laguna/Dubai, UAE) -- Biofeedback vocals, Anti fanzine publisher, boardgame maker

1. First off, tell us something about yourself. What hobbies do you have and what do you do in your free time?

Hi there Hippie Commie, thanks for taking time and chat with an old right wing geezer like me, hope everything turns out the way I want to tell ya as i'm not that smart and i'm gonna type my answers to you, to save you the time on retypeing the written shit i' initially plan to just write on a piece of old cigarette pack and just mail to your ass. well, the upside of typing this and sending it by email is that, it'll get to you gaster, the down side of is, I couldn't e-mail you this patches, thses 45's and 15 bars of gold I got from the burj khalifa building plus, Im a slow typist. so there are probably things im thinking right now that will fail to reach the screen as some of the few grey matters working in my poor excuse for an analog brain will be working part time to work the keyboards and the thought I'm actaully putting in the interview...with that out of the way, thanks for the chat! about myself, im what smart people call an introvert, and what dumbass people call a fucking asshole. I'm an asshole to assholes because I dont bend over when people want to fuck me up, instead I show em a bigger dick cut off their snake heads and skull fuck them 24/7 the problem there is that I'm a reserve and quiet person, that makes a lot of bullies think i'm a sweet dish for the next person to fuck around, and then they'd come up to me with their bullshits and I'd tell em to fuck off and we'd be enemies for life, because the dumber the person the longger they keep grudges. the upside about it is that, you dont get fake freinds, you'd get few friends yeah, but you can be sure that they're real and gold as pony boy dying of 3rd degree burn gold. hobbie? i got some, my hobbies are authoring, authoring music, filipino themed boardgames, designing shits, making a zine (just started on another anti zine again after gad knows how long) watching classic john wayne movies, listening to punk, jazz and new wave records, on my free time, (my time when I'm not at work), I do the laundry, cook my food, clean the house, bike outside and take pictures and then bike faster when I'm being chased by people who doesnt want their pictures taken, play men of war assault squad with some insane russian, british punk pals and some of my right wing filipino skinhead buddies, looking at my son's pictures, I also enjoy coffee, cigs, good books, national socialism and falling inlove everyday.

2. Do you recall how your interest in punk/HC started? How/when did you get into the scene and who/what influenced you?

not really, my oldest recollection of punk might be in the marcos era, I have pigmentation the doctors advised my parents not to dye because they've already fucked up with my treatment and o.d. me with anti-biotics theres only 3 of us in dra. fe delmundo's laboratory in the old childrens memorial hospital, they didn't know the cure so they just use us as human guinea pigs, so we left the hospital with part of our head with white scalp, so that means I have to go to school as a kid with stripes of white hairs on my head like frankensteins fuckin bride, the other kids fuck me up and i fuck em up back, often discriminated because I look like a freak and was expalining to other kids about stuff my retired army major uncle taught me at 7 years old like the solar system, tactical ambush using army men and chess in kindergarten, my childhood was basically like that all the way to high school, college and work, punk was just a blessing because it made me look normal, made me look like just another kid who's into the fad of looking like a trick or treater and acting crazy. so thank you hc/punk scene for not getting me intstitutionalised! I got into the scene as soon as TIMES magazine featured the Tribes of Britain and some older kids in my neighborhood starts attending the Brave New World gigs, it was easy to be a punk when I was young, coz it's everywhere and it's not a novelty, you could actually get murdered by the general public for being a baby eating devil worshiping drug injecting punk creature. The music and the good people in punk rock influenced me to live this way and enjoy everyday all the wonderful things that punk rock enrich your life with.

3. How did the Laguna scene start and how is it different from other scenes, Manila especially? Tell us about your influential band, Biofeedback.

The laguna scene probably started way before we started a band, theres a new wave scene there way before there was a punk scene happening, kids from rich families begin going to schools looking like those kids in bagets and soon mutate into people who looks like those vampires in Lost boys, well in our school at least, there were cool bands trashing the place like Human Deploy and Exhumed who came from gang infested neighborhoods and we would hang out to the place where they practice and get our brains blown off with the music, people swapping records, it's all music and shit, the socio political logic in the Laguna scene just came into being in the middle of the 90's when people started reading politically leaning materials from zines and lyric sheets. I think what's different about the Laguna underground is that, the people, they hang out a lot and do less drugs than other scene, that means they interact more as friends on the level, the friendship comes first before the music. we got some bad experience in Manila for being discriminated by punks who knows a lot more punkness than us, and we inspire the younger batch to accept people as they are and let the music and gears be a personal thing. so what if you're grunge, so what if you're an anarcho crust punk? sure you know a ton of anarchist ideas more than this kid listening to pearl jam, but do you know anything about girls? fuck no! so you talk to this kid with the big shirt and big pants and you ask em how can you talk to your crush before everyone in the entire neighborhood fuck her at the back of the fuckin hi-ace every gig. That's fuckin' real life and that how it goes with da south. image wise their not as cool or as and punk as their friends in the city but the level of anti social behavior is the same, the heartaches are the same, and the bruises are the same. and they're on the level, ofcoarse most of the people who get into scene use door entrance no. 3 with the sign “Alternative rock” posted on it but they eventually grew up with a strong sense of buddy support and a great deal of knowing what punk and hardcore is all about and well,... for most people successful in integrating those cool ideals into their lives, into their work and up to their families, now that some of em are moms and dads as well, raising kids that will someday fight the terminators.

4. What about your other projects after BFK: Milagro, Bulldozed, DJ Hooligan, etc.?

After BFK I really had a hard time fitting or playing music with other pals because BFK is like the diabetic shoes of bands, everyone's manner of playing was custom made to let all the musically disabled persons play the music that they want, well except for Andreas which is like the Jim Kelly of guitar playing, so the way our drummer play drums fits the way I play guitar, (If you'd call it playing a guitar) and that goes the same with Honesto's manner of playing the bass which is custom made for the way Cid plays the beats. so everything just collapsed when cid got murdered in a drug related hit and we have to stop the band before more parents get the idea and starts murdering us as well. so as much as we hate drugs, in the end drugs was still the cause of our demise. I'm beginning to think that the Drug cartel in Laguna put a hit on cid because we were campaigning too much against drugs...Bulldozed was supposed to be a hardcore band but it became too hardcore that it became an MS-12 type street gang complete with gang signs and network of killers and drug dealers I have to quit the band when all the members want to replace the black bandana we usually wear to identify someone as a Legion with mickey mouse hats stating that mickey mouse (the old black and white version) Is the real dream transmitted depiction of satan. Milagro was post everything sane and logical but it was the most fun experience i had for a band that didn't release shit but did manage to annoy a lot of academics with it's list of ‘fuck you and let me explain why you suck so much' songs.

5. Tell us about some of your funny/sad experiences in the scene, moments you'll never forget? Any person/thing you'll miss?

So many, but most of em are not band experiences but regular experience with the so many colorful people in punk. Most of em would probably be with Milagro, because Milagro's line up isn't designed to make music anymore but make a complete mess of things, We had Mumoi, Luv, Phusoi, Noel Punxia who friggin I think carry a 9 mm while doing vocals for us and almost killed two annoying jeprox in one of our baguio gigs, We also invited Ron Doubt but he was hospitalised on the way to practice because the band was so fuckin' jinxed. We put more attention to playing Sudden Strike than making music and when we do it's all anti chinese and politically correct academics in the scene that made a lot of people to just put us in one steel container and rocket us to planet purgatory. Plus I fell inlove while i was in Milagro.and it was so fuckin awesome too bad Al Qaeda happened and fucked my lovelife short..Ah yes...I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I've watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.

6. What inspired you to write? Can you tell us about your zines--Keep Da Faith, the legendary Anti, etc.?

Life...insipire me to write. the celebration of life. because life is not a commodity that we chew and shit to forget each day. I live a life that's mysterious to me, A life i often hate at ground zero only to appreciate and be thankful when I see the bigger picture. these daily miracles, exact science happening all around me and all around people dear to me, I just cant help but celebrate in writing. I don's know, or maybe I write a lot because I don't know how to draw that well. KDF was a HC punk zine much like anti fanzine, i just changed the name in respect to Doggy and Babu whom i'm doing anti with stopped doing Anti. I think I did managed to release a number of issues of KDF in DIY format. right now I'm doing a zine again, and instead of doing another zine and go back to issue no. 1 decided to continue anti fanzine and resume issue no. 9.

7. What about CrossXBlood distro? How has music culture changed since the rise of the internet?

Crossblood distribution started with the concept of equality. sometime somewhere I guess a conversation with Motmot goes into the topic of, hey yo fuck those rich kids with imported records and gears makin social elite groups in an underground that promotes equality and anti-class discrimination. Fuck them coz I'm not rich and they treat me and people like me like shit. yeah, why should they'd be the only kids accessible to good music? Well there are a number of reasons 1 is because it's expensive. and for you to enjoy something expensive it means that you or your parents have a lot of money which we and our parents dont have, we have a lot of problems but not money. too bad you couldn't pay for stuffs with problems. 2. is because it's expensive and imported and 3. is because they can afford to go to other countries and buy expensive and imported records and stuffs and and 99% of most people we know and give a fuck about in the u.g. couldn't afford reason no. 1,2 and 3. so what can we do? Lotto? too sci-fi. Roberry too government like, so we saw one option and that is to pirate everything! Piracy! it's the filipino way! copy those shits and bring everything down to street level cheaper than fucking drugs. so thats exactly what we did. we made copies and made money from everyones score, then we spent the money on ordering more stuffs from abroad and so on until a lot of kids no matter which school they crawled out from are now accessible to the same music, they just heard from their wealthy punk pals but couldn't take home. then the internet came and cool! everyones accessible to music now! so i guess theres no reason for us to do the distro anymore...unless we want to turn it into a full blown record company you know with recording studios with a liquor bar and rotating waterbeds with drug dependent cannibal women chained to the floor assigned to suck our dicks while we make 24 track recordings of Ressurected and ADA...but then again, neither me or motmot can afford that shit so at some point we stopped doing the distro until people with more smarts like Take 4 and MYO do distros that actually makes sense. I might be wrong but I feel that (I dont even think about it, just feel that the internet has made the notion of subculture more accessible it has slightly devalued it.

8. What's your opinion on the state of the local scene today? Do you consider it healthier now than it was when you played in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s? Any parting words?

I dont know about it's health, but the PI scene today sure are getting more touring bands than we had during the 80's and 90's, everyone's accessible to online media and literature and we couldn't say that punks today are misunderstood because everyone can just google what the fuck you are today, Why does he look and act that way? Google “guy with red mohawk, black red patch” aha! he is what is called a crust punx bla bla bla..big deal...fuck him anyway.” Message Friend CC: 48 other normaloid friends” Hey Friend, you know that new kid in school hippie, he's a crust punx check out this links this is what he believes... and this is what they think of us beautiful people, sick right? He's asking you if you'd like to watch a movie with him right? fuck him! just go with that varsity player to an R&B concert! = 47 Likes. in between sets people don't really talk to eachother anymore but check their Facebook status on their mobile phones. Is that healthier? maybe yes maybe not. My parting words might just as well be....RECLAIM.

"Today a blog, tomorrow a book. A coffee beer table book by Zernain Villain and friends..." -- The Idiotor

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