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8Q with Toxemia's Corix Baluca

Corix Baluca (Naic, Cavite) -- No Bullshit Zine publisher / Toxemia guitarist, babysitter, drunk

1. Tell us something about yourself, what keeps you busy and what do you do for a living?

Hello Hippie! My Name is Corix Baluca, I write a fanzine called No Bullshit Zine, 1st issue was released last 2003, my last issue was issue #9, I am now preparing and working for my 10th issue to be released early next year, together with its 10th year anniversary (A Decade Of Existence). Watching my son growing up every day, changing his diaper makes me busy, and of cors drinking alcohol is included, I do just a small business that support my son’s need.

2. How/when did you first get involved in the UG scene? Who/what influenced you?

I was fed up by LA 105.9 and head bangers ball on MTV at that time, reading Hit Parader, Kerrang and stuff like that in the early 90’s, Later, It was 1997 or 98 when my friend from Cavite City handed me a Cross Blood Distribution catalogue, at that time while reading the band titles written I was being stunned because the titles are fuckin’ rare! Because I haven’t seen them on worthless magazines I have been reading, until I got/borrowed some zines in 2000 as far as I still remember like; Betloogs, Noisecore zine, Under The Volcano, Scrawlshop, Newskaster, Dead Reckoning etc… Fanzines influenced me a lot, and actually change the way I think about life, a couple of years later, I started my own zine.

3. Tell us about your band, Toxemia, and the music that you play. How/when did you guys start and what are your releases so far?

I play guitar on this band, our music ranges from Death metal to grind, we were formed 2003.

2003 - Sealed with Blood - Tape/Cdr (Jobless Production)
2005 - Death To Us All and Let This Rotting World Empty - Cdr (MortHumain Production)
2006 - No Bullshit Zine Compilation Vol. 1 - 4 - CDR (MortHumain Production)
2006 - Underworld Art Philippine Death Metal Compilation Cdr
2007 - Denial Against Humanity 4 Way Split CDR with: Decrusted, Anus De Satanus and Vomitarium (4Discunt Records)
2007 - Kalawang Records Compilation Vol. 1 "Shattered Silence" CDR
2008 - 3 Ways Split Tape with: Ego Death (Greece), Cripple Slaughter (USA) (Undergrind Production USA) cassette tape only
2012 - Cavite's Beast EP - Pro Cdr/Tape (Mort Humain Production)

4. For someone who plays a sick mix of noise/grind/crust/gore/death, do you think UG music can still outdo this and get any more brutal? What do you think is the next big shitty thing to come?

Yes, as you could noticed, underground music is getting more brutal these days…the next big shitty thing to come would be “BLACKENED EMO” hehe! :)

5. How's it going in the Cavite scene? How/when did it start? Any bands worth mentioning?

Cavite scene in my observation these days is good and I could proudly say, Alive! There are lots of bands here who are active releasing their own materials doing the DIY ethics from Punk, Hardcore to Metal, active bands these days like Pus Vomit, Anal Fissure, Nuclear Punishment, Grind Matador, Censorshit, The Squat, Tsimpayne, Holocaust of the Dead, Flash Elorde, Distorted Anger, Obliteration, State of Calamity, etc. and of corpse my band Toxemia hehe! Fanzine like; Tripalium Zine, Guttural Sickness, Gloryeye, Bangketa, Trencrusher and my very own No Bullshit! :)

When did it start was a very hard question for me, shameful to say, I am not doing my assignment yet, all I know is the band Feud existed in the mid or late 90’s, “This Is Cavite, Not L.A” compilation is quite old now…I’ll update you soon about the Cavite underground history.

6. Tell us about your zine, No Bullshit, and what inspired you to do it? Do you think the internet killed the hard copy zines?

Old zines inspires me lot in doing one, my first goal and purpose is to let people know in my area about the underground thing, but they don’t like it, they prefer a glossy one.

About the internet, yes, I believe, internet killed the paper zines in a way, but I also believe that it’s not the internet’s fault, it’s man’s intellect ideas, so why not use it?, the thing that we think internet killed it because people abuse the internet, kids today are being dependent on it, and don’t care about fanzines anymore, because of those blogs with mp3’s to download, facebook and youtube, whether it is a webzine or a kvlt metal “blog” run by a self proclaim elite metal head, it’s all fuckin’ the same, man! Still run by the internet, I put up a webzine last 2004 because I believe people will get a lot of information in it, to let kids know what underground is all about, that’s the goal in every fanzine in the first place, since internet nowadays is like a necessity already, it has pdf files in every printed issues I release on paper, to print out for themselves, spread without any commercial value, or just keep it on their own collection, because No Bullshit Zine is ANTI COPYRIGHT ever since! But it looks like kids don’t need it anymore as long as there are mp3’s , youtube and facebook to LIKE in every pictures uploaded, the underground feeling wasn’t there anymore that modern day fans could not feel the same way 20 years ago.

7. You've done some pretty ear-splitting compilation albums in the past. Can you tell us about them?

Compilations I’ve made was intended free for No Bullshit Zine issues, it was my small way of helping a band spread their music here and abroad without any commercial purposes.

8. In closing, what are you looking forward to/hoping for in the local scene? Any last words?

The true essence of the underground today wasn’t there anymore, music and gigs are easy to access, what makes that underground? You can be elite by liking cult music on facebook. I just hope that the modern day fans would get off their asses by supporting bands, zines, labels and distros in the underground and buy their merchandise, go watch an underground gig, not just liking and watching it on you tube. Support Fanzines because they are the true medium of the underground.

Thanks a lot Hippie for including me to be part of your amazing project, thanx for believin’ and good luck to your projects!

For info and any underground subject matter:
c/o Corix Baluca
Blk. 14 Lot 11 Villa Apolonia Phase 2
Naic, Cavite 4110 Philippines

20 Sept. '12 Upd8 from Corix Baluca:

9. Why the name "Toxemia," who came up with it? What about "No Bullshit"?

- The name Toxemia was my idea, it's because Toxemia is a one man band originally, hehe became a full band later after a month. I guess, I just saw it on the dictionary or in the internet or something, and I find it cool...hehe! No Story behind it, actually!

-The name No Bullshit was just suddenly prompted up in my mind, because from the name itself it sounded very underground, but after the release of my first and second issue, I start thinking to change the name, because I feels like, there are lots of zines doing this kinda name already, someone told me to search at Yahoo search, and at that time I already started to learn how to fuck this fucking technology, so I tried to search at Yahoo search engine, there’s no google search yet in early 2k, I guess, correct me if I’m wrong, and I haven’t found any related/similar name like mine as a fanzine, so, that motivates me to continue the name, and yeah! Until now!

10. What year did your zine start and how many issues have you published since then?

-I started to write the first issue in 2002, but it was released 2003, I only have 9 issues, my last issue #9 was released 2010, but the 10th issue is currently on the works.

"Blog now, book later. A coffee beer table book by Zernain Villain and friends..." -- The Punkblisher

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