Lunes, Enero 21, 2013

A crash course in discourse analysis

(Or to FB, or not to FB, that is the question. All characters appearing in this post are, thank God, fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental. And anyone resembling them in real life is better off dead.)

Wanted: Coffeemate

Ok I lied. I don't take my coffee with a non-dairy creamer. I use powdered milk -- with extra calcium added. Good for the bones when you're in your very late ████████ like me (and still climbing mountains, riding bikes and stuff). But don't get the wrong idea. I don't look like Derek Ramsay, save for the closely cropped hair. My belly betrays me, thanks to extra strong beer, extra rice, and street food. Aside from alcohol and caffeine (and a little e-cotine), I also enjoy the company of comic books, sci-fi films, and rock music. I have memory gap and the attention span of a five-year old, so if you're looking for a long-term relationship, click the "Back" button please. All I want right now is someone to waste the occasional ████-████, free █████, and FB chat (by the way, that's Facebook not f*ck buddy ok? I'm hardly a Vic Sotto...but I can get hard too when "that" physical need arises hehehe). Oh and I don't look down on appearance, age, civil status, skin color, waistline, hair length, cell phone model, nor the logo on your clothes. Tho I might look down on you literally 'cuz I'm '". But if you're born with a d*ck, don't bother 'cuz I already have one (and I can be a real d*ck-slash-assh*le sometimes). In case you haven't noticed, this is the ███ ███████ █████ list. Well I guess that's it, save yourself all the trouble and heartache, don't click "Reply to this post"!

witty... very witty... interesting... ██ bbw here. not into anything long term and structured. i take my coffee black with liquid trace minerals. i occasionally drink "white" spirits (not a beer drinker). i've been hitting the gym for mos now and dropped one dress size already (from ██-██) still a lot of work to do tho. i cold turkey-ed on nicotine almost yrs ago after ██yrs of smoking a pack or more a day. im more into charles dickens, john irving type of books. i love horror films and romantic comedies. i love reggae, jazz and some pop. im very curious about the origin of the universe so im into cosmology. i get the basic principles of the theories of the origin of the universe but not the math (im very bad at it.) so there...

hi! i see you're into figuring out stephen hawking too. me, i gave up on him years ago cuz i got numbers aversion and my logic hardly follows aristotle's hehe. one of the reasons why i'm more into eastern philosophy (religion?) now, easier to digest than theories of everything and quantum physics lol. hmm..not familiar with white spirits kase sa sari-sari store lang ko usually umiinom.baileys ba yun or moloko?no longer smoke too,with sin taxes,shortness of breath,the big c and an ecig tho from the bangketa.wala ring pera pang-gym kaya d.i.y. na lang-biking,long distance walking,some occasional hiking sa bundok pag walang bagyo,used to skateboard too but my bones aren't as strong.cruising na lang if ever.which explains the milk in my coffee.galing sa pantry madalas tapos may baon lang akong gatas.not a fan of coffee shops,mas mahal pa kase kape nila sa gasolina.digs ko rin horror,h.p. lovecraft/poe stuff sa lit then anything goes sa film kahit b-movie lol.what else..unstructured din and deconstructed hehe.nowist ba yun? hmmmm classic lit din pero mas trip ko ngayon comic books and transgressive musick,reggae din and ska pero roots ko talaga new wave/punk then some you also got a day job?

hehe. i only get the gist of what hawking et al are talking about. i steer clear from formulae and numbers. youtube and simulation videos helped a lot. im not into religion, im an atheist. white spirits are just your usual gin and vodka - the clear ones. i can't drink the brown colored ones bec i don't like the smell. i enrolled in a gym bec there was a promo. otherwise i couldn't afford it too. im only paying P███ each mo. i do save for my gym instructor's fee. it's a bit high for me but i can't afford to injure myself due to incorrect execution of exercises. you know naman, matanda na ang lola mo. hehe. and besides, it kinda feels good to be brutalized once a week by a guy who looks like johnny bravo. i used to jog on my own too but i can't sustain it so i gain over and over again the few lb i lose when i jog. once in a while i treat myself to expensive coffee or sometimes well off friends treat me to one. we have a coffee maker at home and i take instant at work. yeah, i do have a day time job. i teach in an obscure ███████████ university here in █████ ██████. how about you? btw, what's transgressive

well what do you know i'm in the educ business too,i develop courseware and stuff for schools.tho i went thru my marxist phase (and still consider myself as one on certain issues),the farthest i got to was being an agnostic.then some turn of events changed my views a bit.i'm existential now,do what you will as long as it makes you happy and gives meaning to your life lol.hmm..transgressive fic?tipong 1st rule is there are no rules.twisted plots.lots of 4-letter words.boinking lol.ultraviolence.substance what do you teach?any tattoos on you?lol

hmm.. as for me, im out to prove to myself that i can be altruistic without expecting a reward from any deity. that i can be good without the fear of punishment of the fires of hell. im not into body art. the farthest i've done during my rebellious phase was to pierce 4 holes on my right ear.hehe.

mutual aid tama a punker it's one of the hot topics in some of the A in a circle circles that i've been to.but then there's our selfish genes familiar with filipino freethinkers?eto medyo magaan ng konti:abs-cbn o gma7?smart o globe?fave chaser sa gin bulag? ;)

no idea filipino freethinkers exists until i googled them just now. hmm... abs-cbn bec its talents look a bit more chic and sophisticated than gma's. most of gma talents look like endorsers of RDL rather than Nivea. hehe. SOP production is just like the daily production of That's Entertainment. and i really hate mike enrique's face. im a █████ user. fave chaser is anything citrus for gin and 7 up or sprite with lemon or cherry for vodka.

new school gsm or old school gin bilog? if gsm, do you like it flavored? if so, what? what about gilbey's? yan di ko talaga mapataob pag nasobrahan halo ng lime juice. ever taken gin by sipping it with a straw from a plastic bag? walang yelo tapos samalamig o tubig lang ang chaser at kuwento lang ang pulutan? done that when i was in college attending punk concerts lol. █████ user also pag naglo-load ng P15 or nagte-text. but now naka-█████ kase libre █████ kahit wala kong load, til end of march at least hehehe. sagad ka rin ba uminom or nagtitira ng pang-uwi kahit konti?

honestly, when i crave for alcohol, i don't discriminate. hehe. i try to maintain a lil finesse when I drink. i always leave something for me to at least hail a cab or go to the nearest ministop for coffee. oh, u can send email thru ur fone? hi-tech! my fone is a samsung with flashlight. this is my second one bec i dropped the other one in a taxi one monday. a friend of mine tried calling it on friday, it was still open - meaning no one was interested in it and it was i think just lying there all the time until the bat ran out. and im a cyberworld anti-social. i don't have an FB (not fuck buddy) hehe.

may pagka thoreau ka pala. don't get the wrong idea, cherry mobile lang fone ko. bought it on sale. walang flashlight pero may tv! but i don't watch it tho. except for primetime news sometimes. it's been years now since i've stayed more than an hour a day in front of the tube. i just watch pirated dvds if i feel like it. docus, '80s cartoons, old movies/tv series. btw, any film genre you're into? ano fave tv series mo kung meron man? nagta-taxi ka pala..ako pag may nanlibre lang. usually jeep, mrt, bus. di rin ako nagta-tricycle kase mahal. nag-hitch din minsan hanggang nakarating sa ██████ lol. oh and i've an fb para "in" lol. page siya ok, hindi tao ;)

thoreau? i live near my work and gimik places that's why i still can afford to go home by taxi. that's my number one consideration every time i look for work, i have to live close to it. me, i download movies and sit coms from pirate bay. i haven't watched tv for almost two years now. im pretty much into anything about movies but my top 3 are horror, comedy and drama. i love me some sitcoms: the big bang theory, mike and molly, modern family, hot in cleveland, new girl, how i met your mother, community, cougar town, rules of engagement and pretty little liars.

big bang theory lang yata alam ko. my dvd player's stuck in '80s/'90s re-runs of x-files, star trek, gi joe, transformers, x-men, gundam, and other silly cartoons. oh and i also watch porn on the side, pinoy style and asian. not into caucasian stuff--para kaseng wrestling, halatang scripted lol. hmmm..what about sa japorms? ano trip mo isuot. any particular color? and are you required to wear a uniform at work? well considering you teach.

i watch porn too but im not into asians. i don't like the sound asian women make when they're banged. i choose "real female orgasm" and i watch it on youtube lang. im more of a shorts and shirt type of person even tho i don't have legs but "logs". it's very comfortable kasi. when i want to dress up i like to wear skirt and blousy tops. i like black and red. we have some sort of uniform but i don't wear it.

black and red. cool! i like that combination for the two things that have shaped a part of my life. the anarchist flag and the twisted red cross logo. trc was the first pinoy punk record label here, very notorious in the '80s. remember the satanism scare? then there's the A in a circle, one of the reasons i ceased being a marxist/commie hehehe. hmmm..asian women do sound like cats when they're being banged, especially the chinky-eyed. must have something to do with the language, cuz the french say "oui! oui! oui!" and americans say "yeah! yeah! yeah!" or "yes! yes! yes!" for the brits. pinoy naman puro ungol, siguro dahil sa "oo" o "opo" lol. anyway, i can imagine you looking like dora the explorer. cute hehehe. what about your hairstyle? and do you wear glasses?

come to think of it, i do look like dora (minus the bangs and the bob) bec i go almost anywhere with my back pack. im more of a dora the exploiter. hehe. my hair is always below the shoulder length and layered. i always wear it in a ponytail or in a bun. i don't like hair on my face. i display my wide forehead in its full glory. i have a pair of glasses but im tamad to wear them. im far sighted, i can still read jeepney signage, so im still ok. my optha said i have a lazy eye. one is not functioning well ( i forgot which one) and the other is compensating for it. the grade of the lazy eye is ███ and the suffering one is ██. so for a woman over ██, im still good in the eye department. errata: i don't watch my porn on youtube, i just watch them in any porn site. i don't download them bec my laptop has very small memory capacity.

that explains it. watching porn online leads to lazy eye cuz the mental and visual functions are compensating for what is supposed to be a physical act. no wonder i got two lazy eyes and one lazy arm. yung kanang kamay na pasmado at makasalanan. hmmm...what about you? meron ka rin bang kamay na ikukumpisal? speaking of hands, do you dig nail polish? what color/s? good night!

haha. i don't watch porn that much. i have an fb (this time i don't mean facebook), but i sometimes do the deed myself if our sked doesn't work. when i hit ██, i went all naturale. i go with lip balm and lip gloss and occasional lipstick.

uy you got an fb na pala. sayang! lol. don't tell me his name is diego and he speaks spanish? i got an fb too and she's chinese. we're on and off since grade school. her name's Maria Ng. then she got married so she now goes by the name Maria Ng-Palad. well, i'm planning to dump her soon in favor of her twin sister (a.k.a. my left hand). hays! hirap ng d.i.y. pasmado na, kalyado pa. change topic. natural, i like that. lip balm? di ba maanghang yun parang tiger balm? btw, do you cook? any fave recipes? fave food? :p

wahahaha. riot ka talaga! you really want to know about my fb? yup, the lip balm im using now is from ilog maria (an xmas gift) and it's maanghang. masarap sa lips. i can cook and i can say im a bit good at it. my friends say my pochero's good. i know how to cook anything with gata. now, im into cream dory recipes. u know, diet eh.

i see, mahilig ka pala sa gata, mga ma-creamy at maanghang. god, you're hot! bicolana ka ba? hmm..not a scientific law but i think one's cooking skill is directly proportional to one's body mass. btw, i like pochero. matamis-tamis kase parang humba at skabeche. you said lip balm is spicy so does that follow na if you french kiss someone on the lips maaanghangan din siya? and that if you french kiss him on his other sensitive parts eh maaanghangan din siya? was thinking of the sensation if i put tiger balm or vicks vaporub on mine. enuff of that. ok for you to tell me about your fb? like is he horizontally challenged too? wala lang...wala lang maitanong.

im ███████ and im not hot. im vanilla in bed (if u know what that means). im not really into creamy stuff now. cream dory is a kind of a fish po. the lip balm im using now is mint flavor, is that maanghang? i don't know how u tagalogs call it but in ███████ we call it maanghang. i haven't used it while kissing my fb bec the last time we saw each other was the week before xmas and i got the lip balm on new years eve. no my fb is not horizontally challenged. for a man, he's vertically challenged i guess bec he's only '.

ok gets, as in plain vanilla? no frills. missionary position. kamasutra for beginners. hmm... ███████ ka pala mam. no wonder you're very articulate in english. just googled cream dory and realized that it's a fish pala. thought it was some sort of coconut milk substitute. you know, the just-add-water stuff. haven't eaten one yet tho i've sampled sharks and catfish as pulutan before. mukha ngang mamahalin kaya di ko pa nga natitikman. yup, we call it "maanghang" alright.. anything minty or spicy. █'█" isn't bad. it's not so much the height really. it's the will. the sex appeal. i mean look at me, i'm tall but i lack that x-factor. will probably boink super models for the rest of my life--with staples for navels hays! and what about you mam, how tall are you?

hmm.. yeah. plain vanilla. i have a degree in linguistics and im teaching ███████ and █████████████ now, so i've got lots of practice. it has nothing to do with being ███████ i think bec if it has, i would sound or talk like anabelle rama. di ba, dong? im a quarter of an inch shy of '.

which explains the "shibboleth" in ur email mental mam \m/.two of my faves are chomsky cuz he's an anarchist too,and eco for his cool novels and semiotics stuff-sakit sa ulo!lol..hmm..ur █'█"..ur fb's █'█"..and i'm █'█"..multiples of █.must be a pattern there somewhere, a code maybe..jeez i'm losing it.question: does an fb have to be ur bf first or can it be the other way around?wala lang..wala na namang maitanong na matino :D

so you know the etymology of my id? impressive! i did not know chomsky's anarchist. from the few political articles i've read penned by him, all i got is that he's anti-imperialist, but what do i know. i haven't had the chance to read any of eco's books. chomsky's linguistics theory is the bible of my department. people there are so impressed by him that they did not have the inclination to teach us other theories. easy.. easy... easy on the patterns and codes. that's what you get from reading too much comic books. there will be no bf, anti-structure remember? commitment phobe here. im into physical intimacy, but first sign of emotional one, i freak out. so there...

hmm..seems like we're jogging on the same track.wouldn't touch commitment with a ten-foot into half-revolutions also ;).so there's this slight chance,a glimmer of hope,light at the end of the tunnel of not comic books,from eco's stuff actually.foucault's pendulum actually-it's teeming with it,a la angels and demons stuff only more academic.hmm..what fond of reading █████?

you're really funny! not into █████, but if you have one, id love to read it.

ok type mo sa google "██████████████" it isn't mine tho. it's my alter ego's ;)

so, when did you leave the movement?

uh right after the split ;) hmm..kas ka rin ba dati? wala lang. by the way, ka-batch ko si █████ █ ng ████ at ██████ █ ng ███ nung mga time na yun. tho older sila sa akin. so now you know, and knowing is half the bottle, err battle. so where do we go from here? joke! so what do you think about my alter ego's life and works? lol

so RJ not RA? interesting work..

was an RJ then went anarcho for a time. then back to the fold ;) tho aboveground na..i guess that's it then. never asked where you teach. should've known it was ███. i got friends there back in the █████ ██ ███-█████ days. oh well..i guess this is adios amigo?

███ is not obscure. i said i teach in one obscure ███████████ university in █████ ██████.

not obscure

ok so i typed "obscure ███████████ u not ███" in google and i got this: "try yahoo! you moron!" so you were tibak too? doesn't matter if you're ra or rj. they're just that--labels that divide people. like black and white, catholic and islamic, married and single. honestly, am sick and tired of labels all my life. btw, the name █████ ███████ ring a doorbell? he's from ████ i think, ███. as usual wala lang. hmm..anyway, matagal na ko wala sa movement. tho i still support the same causes. and hold on to some of the philosophies. just got rid of some of the baggage. picked out the positives. so?

galit? i just heard it somewhere that there's an rj/ra debate in the left before. i just asked bec of what i saw in ur ████.

btw, what exactly do you do for a living?

uh ok so you're not from the left? good. galit? nope, yung sa ibaba siguro cuz of our sexy conversation lol. well i'm a courseware developer for ███ ██ subjects. teacher din bale, technically. used to teach ████ ██████ back in the day so i feel you or can at least cop a feel ;) btw, google says its ████.

weehh. sexy talaga? is the courseware a computer program or book form? ████? maybe maybe not. :D

it's got printable parts in pdf format and there are multimedia stuff in flash or powerpoint for lcd pres and students' tab. so it's not ████? i see they got a faculty of languages..weh? di nga? churva! maiba ako, you said something about d.i.y. too. you use a vibrator or just good old fingers or a vegetable maybe? :D

im vanilla right? this means nothing bizarre e.g. bdsm, toys, animals or fruits and veggies. this goes with the diy too.

ok vanilla it is. wala na ko maisip. vanilla na rin. ang lamig ng panahon 'no? yung mga daliri ko nilalamig kahit kanina pa pindot ng keyboard. diyan ba malamig din? nilalamig din ba mga daliri mo?

di naman. im mobile eh. i just don't sit when i teach, i move around, so i don't feel the cold much.

ok mobile. which reminds me. you got a mobile no? or would you rather chat over █████? wala lang. was thinking of a "what if" our paths would cross somehow. no matter how remote that possibility might be hehehe. if you're not up to it no prob here. we can remain virtual ;)

hanep sa segue ah. i don't have a problem giving you my mobile no, man. it's ███████████.

ok it's █████ right? maglo-load pa lang kase ko pagdating ko sa ███████. yup, commute ako ███-███ to ███ ████. impiyerno sa lupa. parusa! pero kelangan kumayod eh. my cel no btw ████-███-████ :)

no prob. text whenever you can. how much do you spend for transpo then?

███ more or less.dyip-bus/van-mrt-dyip-mrt-bus/van-dyip. tina-type ko pa lang parusa na so you could just imagine what it's like to live it █ times a week. iniisip ko na lang umaakyat ako sa bundok: peak yung ███ ████, base camp yung ███████ lol. kaw san ka ba banda?

█████ ██████. near ███████ ███. why don't u just get a place near your work place?

hiya! on the way to work. maaga gumising gabi na umuwi. rented a studio type room along ██ in the past. lasted there for almost a year but then also lost my laptop, my favorite jeans, kahit yung maliit na tangke ng gasul di pinatawad putik! kaya eto back to my parents' ancestral house. and i can't cook lol

haha. what a bummer! so, what should i say? be brave lil one? :D

make that "big one" but wat can i say. im a kid at heart. you must have seen my toy collection--wait til you see my comics library lol. so ███████ ████ ka pala? hmm.. malapit yun sa ███████ ah.. hmm.. then sa tapat ng ███████ may.. ano nga yun, mrt? wala lang.. wala na namang maitanong na matino. lamig no? ;)

nice try, bro! :D you posted in the strictly platonic remember?

oo nga pala sorry. let's chuck that idea. back to regular programming. ok so what books are you reading right now?

it must have been the cold weather eh? not reading anything for fun lately. i downloaded tons of articles on theories on second language learning/teaching and literary analysis. literary analysis bec i was made to teach ████ ███ and i didn't have any idea how to teach it. our students here are a challenge. they are sons/daughters of ambulant vendors and the likes. their demographic shows you the poor quality of public school education. it's a challenge to let them catch up at least half of what students from good private schools learned in high school.

comarts & lit

yup, must be the cold. naisip ko rin mainit na kape lang yung baon kong gatas. then there's always the wall..kiskis mo sa pader! lol. now that i got that outta the way, i wrote a courseware for vietnamese & korean studes back in the day, aside from the regular ███████ stuff for pinoys. depends on their language acquisition really. tayo esl kaya madali pa, sila efl as in zero english kaya ayun. CLT approach ko plus some other lang. theories like audio-lingual, OSA and the works. as for ████ ███, i wrote one too plus another for █████ ███. historical naman with lit crit na konti. post-colonial ang atake, may pagka-marxist siyempre hehehe pero malabnaw na rin. konting decon at post-post-ek-ek hehehe. funny, you sound like from the left. brings back memories from our DGs ;)

i really enjoy communicating with you, you know. i hope you feel the same way too. let's not ruin it with untimely roll in the hay. good things happen to those who wait. hehe. let's say, im progressive. :D

feeling's mutual :) progressive? hmm..ganun din sinasabi ko pag may nagtatanong sa akin na conservative, kesa naman sabihin ko na commie ako lol. to those who wait? hmm..protracted struggle talaga ha. nabansagan kase kami nun na insurrectionist eh. kumbaga, two sides of the same coin tayo. ikaw yung 'santong dasalan,' ako yung 'santong paspasan.' if you're familiar with that 'kung di makuha sa...' saying. ok so matagal-tagal pa pala ko maglo-load sa █████. buti naman, tipid. at least █████ libre sa █████ kahit wala kong load. maiba ako, how long have you been teaching? that your first job?

hmm.. i taught before for years in another university, worked for HOR, went into NGO, then here. this is my ██████ year here.

HOR? hmm..under a partylist rep i presume. NGO? that's nice, but you could hardly call it a living. volunteer work would be more apt. been there, puro paluwal then almost got myself arrested hehehe. educ insts. are the safe haven for us i guess. or gov't and MNCs, should one decide to totally sellout lol. ako i dunno. the attitude is always there i guess. never forget the cause and all lol. basta nakakakain ng tatlong beses isang araw solb! time for lunch..

my NGO days were the best so far that happened to me. it used to be finishing college as a working student, but NGO work gave me the highest level of satisfaction. enjoy your lunch. im having mine now.

you can say that again. danger can be joyous. yun yung nawala ng tumigil na rin ako sa NGO. kaya siguro as a coping mech eh umaakyat ako ng bundok-tho as a mountaineer na lol. naghi-hitch tho may pamasahe naman. umaattend ng punk gigs. nagga-graffiti minsan pag gabi. wala na kaseng danger sa office work. so ano lunch mo? ilang extra rice?

the satisfaction was not about the thrill-seeking, honey. it was about satisfaction gained when you're able to help others. remember altruism in connection to atheism? kanya kanyang labo lang talaga ng buhay eh. i get my fix from serving others. that's what gives meaning to life for me. hardcore di ba? i get my carbs from veggies. no rice for me muna (says my PT who looks like johnny bravo) until such time i get my target dress size (which for now is size ██ from size ██).

and you? how many extra rice did you have? i remembered you wrote in your blurb that extra strong beer, extra rice and street food prevented you from having abs.

isang extra rice lang. tinatakal kase yung kanin ko sa baso ng nescafe. so bale equivalent siya sa 2 baso ng nescafe. btw nagbabaon ako ng lunch araw-araw pati merienda. like i said kelangan magtipid (para may pambili ng toys at comics! lol) uh you called me "honey," teka baka ma-emo tayo niyan. bawal yun di ba? "tol" na lang para safe ;) serve the people...hmm..well, you could say my heart wasn't really 100% into it from the start. say, 50/50 when my personal safety & interests are at stake. must've more than my fair share of dawkins' selfish genes i guess. wala ko masabi sa trip mo. as in..taas kamay ko sa iyo, sama mo pa dalawang paa, at iba pang pwedeng tumaas..joke! seriously, i remember this kas na colegiala at rich kid. lahat kami "macho" (magaling sa teorya), siya tahimik lang. we all thought she'd be the first to jump ship when it starts sinking but she proved us all wrong. siya yung nagtuloy-tuloy sa movement while the rest of us lied-low and got 8-5 jobs. tho she could easily bag a corporate career with her looks and all. wala lang. naalala ko lang. tsaka crush ko siya talaga nun. putik! you probably know her kase sikat na siya ND. so target mo pala ██ and you're in ██ down from ██. so █ notches na lang right?

gago mo! tawag lang yon just like sweetie. sige no more of those. i was raised in an altruistic environment. my late uneducated father (tho poor) would offer our last kilo of rice to neighbors who were in need. and how would i know about your crush? did i say i belong to any political group or whatever you call it? yup, size ██ for the ███ year. johnny bravo said it's better to aim for achievable goals. we'll set another goal after the ███ year. so what do you bring for baon. thot you don't know how to cook? canned goods?

sweetie naman wag ka na magalit. like i said, i can be a real dick-slash-asshole sometimes...uh no, make that most of the time. well, enough of left politics siguro. had my fill of that. baon ko ba honey? well, my parents have this househelp who cooks so i just partake of the leftover. sanay naman ako pulutan lol. so darling, i take it na dead na dead ka sa mga may abs like kay johnny bravo? lol

oh, i thot the dick-slashing threat was for ladyboys. dead na dead? not really. they are eye candies true but i don't go for the looks. no 1 qualification of potential fb is that he should be a "pleaser".

dick/asshole hehehe. that's me alright. hmm...pleaser? i don't know if i'll qualify dear. don't want to vouch for myself. like i said "macho" lang ako, "ma-teorya". but praxis vindicates theory di ba? tho i have my other oral skills where my tongue (and fingers) do some of the work, i don't know if i'll last more than an hour in the fire department (read: pumping lol) without taking a breather first. i'm a geek you know, i just like to read. like that kamasutra book ;)

geeks make good friends. :))

hmm...friends? and "fb" stands for "f* buddy" right? then i typed "buddy" in google and it says "friend" is a synonym. so does that qualify me or am i keeping my hopes high? god, my heart is racing...

and it's the waiting that kills...the calm before the staring into the abyss...hmmm..sorry, i don't think i'm really good at this. am not getting anything done at work lol

i have a :██- class po. so, do you want us to stop communicating then? :(

stop? i was hoping to see you in person in fuck, este in fact. bit of a miscomm there. to think we're both into comm lol. so █pm your last class on weekdays? well i time out █pm from ███ ████. wala lang...wala na namang tanong na matino darling ;)

im really puzzled with you. why the sudden interest with more than friendship? so you were not really looking for friends? you were/are looking for an fb?

last email

fb, bf, friend, hubby, what's the difference? does it matter really? so why the change of interest you ask me? 2 words. male instinct. may also be selfish gene. guess i misread too many patterns & codes in your replies that weren't really there. thought you were dangling a carrot in front of a donkey. turns out i'm peeling an onion. for the record, that was my first (and probably last) █████████ post. had there been a strictly freudian category then i would've posted there. but from what i've read in the other categories, they're just too crass--asking for money and some even racist for wanting white only tsk! i admit i may be in a rut these days but something just won't make me stoop down to their level. ever wondered why i gave you my ████ and ███████ links? despite being a disadvantage to me like a one-way street or mirror, i haven't the slightest idea what you look like or what you really are, i just want to lay all my cards on the table and hope somehow you'll pick them up. another thing, i had to look up acronyms like bbw, bdsm, nsa, ons, etc. in order not to hopefully look dumb to experts and long-timers which you somehow appear to be. also realized, judging from the replies that i got, there are a lot of lonely women out there who just need someone to talk to, yup talk only--cuz their fb or bf or friend or hubby is probably busy (shagging someone else?) or away from home. in other words, wanted: pamasak butas. figuratively and in some others, literally. well sorry but i'm not exactly a stepping stone, much less a doormat. tho i have a penchant for toys, i'm not a toy. so what's the bottomline? all of us are playing games here. me, you, them. some appear to be goody-goody two-shoes, some outright bitches. pardon the term. and still some who pretend to be the other. sounds familiar. guess i'm really not into this business of lying and cheating and pretending. my sincerest apologies really. wet dreams, err sweet dreams, good night and don't let the bedbugs bite! p.s. don't bother replying cuz as the subject line says, i won't. take care always, friend or whatever. good luck on your next find ;)

now it's my turn to say "sayang" pamasak butas? this is something you use in replacement of something right? you were never that to me. i responded to your post bec i really found it witty and i was hoping you will be what im looking for. so what was i looking for when i browsed ██████████? intellectual stimulation. were you it? yes, you were. i thot you're also just looking for something to pass the time bec to quote your blurb "All I want right now is someone to waste the occasional ████-████, free █████, and FB chat (by the way, that's Facebook not f*ck buddy ok?" i was honest to you that i have already a source for that other stimulation. then you show me your ████ and i saw your pic. i find both you and your work interesting. and since there were already innuendos on your part of being interested to being more than a source of intellectual stimulation, i did consider it too. so what was the problem? instinct too on my part. your going at it too fast too soon and i became wary. so i have to know if we're really on the same page. it was really a pleasure virtually knowing you.

Martes, Enero 8, 2013

Nak-nak-nakaw ang balance ko*

Or how Globe(ulok) stole my P100 prepaid load in less than a day thru SOCIAL20! Talk about Load Watch Snatch... If that's what they call Genius, then I'd stick to being a Smartass.

*sung to the tune of Parokya Ni Edgar's "Nakaw Ang Wallet Ko"